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Is a nap the only thing that sounds exciting?

If you're anything like the rest of the population, the non stop message that we need to manifest our dream life filled with passion and excitement can not only feel exhausting, but also down right rude! The majority of folks are living pay check to pay check and the nonstop news cycle of impending doom related to economic and climate disasters isn't helping.  It makes sense to feel like giving up! 

Turns out that creation is not possible, nor wise, in survival mode (see Joe Dispenza clip).  When our nervous system is in fight/flight/freeze we are physically unable to dream and create and manifest, we are unable to improve our own lives, let alone help the planet!


SO what can we do about our nervous system? LOADS! In this 12 week course we will learn about nervous system regulation, distress tolerance, radical acceptance and how we can BE THE CHANGE, finding meaning in our life and resourcing ourselves to contribute to the collective without burn out.  

This course is ideal for all levels of participants, the ideal companion to the SSP, an opportunity to explore and deepen your commitment to yourself and the collective once the SSP is completed, or as an introduction to these topics for those who are not ready or are not able to complete the SSP.


You will: 





What is included: 

- 12 weekly live sessions (Sundays at 5pm EST (1/7-3/22) w/ replay)

- 12 self paced modules with videos, meditations and journal prompts

- informed by Polyvagal Theory, DBT, the Resilience Toolkit and the Work of Byron Katie

When it is: 

- January 1st - March 22nd 2024



- Stand alone program $333 (register before 12/16 and use code EARLYBIRD10 for 10% off, current SSP clients and grads, use code SSP50 for 50% off)

- Group SSP add on + $555 (facilitated by Ruby Pinto

- Indiv. SSP with Z add on + $111/session (# of sessions unique to each client)

* if interested in the SSP add on, fill out this precautions questionnaire first before registering to ensure you are a good fit.

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