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Fish Eyeballs and Gilmore Girls

In therapy today, my therapist and I were talking about this idea that I am here to experience the endless buffet of life opportunities, but I wanted to take it a step further and make sure that there was no pressure imbedded in there, no guilt or obligation. We were talking about how if you go visit some place new, you want to make sure and try new things. Let's say you're visiting a place where fish eyeballs are a delicacy (my beautiful friends from Ghana once had us over for Christmas and offered us the eyeballs of the whole fish they had cooked, I did not go for it as I am a vegan, so my apologies on the pic). You want that experience, right? So you go for it, even if it doesn't end up being something you love, it is just great to have that experience. So in life, maybe we just go for it, even if it is something that we don't end up wanting to do again. But on the other hand, sometimes you just want something really and familiar and comforting, which for me is watching Gilmore Girls. It's bland and not challenging and definitely not want I want all the time, but sometimes, that is all my little nervous system can handle and I don't want the pressure or obligation of challenging myself all the time. So for me, being an experiencer isn't just trying fish eyeballs and being willing to be a guest on a podcast, it's also laying on the couch with a bag of gummy bears watching the Gilmore Girls, and it's anything and everything in between with no goal or agenda or landing place, no measuring if the experiences are right/wrong, good/bad, success/failure, just letting them be experiences for the sake of experiencing.

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