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The Labyrinth

What if the whole idea of life being about "getting somewhere" or "accomplishing something" or "becoming something" is not true. I mean, I remember once hearing Byron Katie say that she encourages her kids to be "mediocre" and thinking well geez, that doesn't seem to be how she is living her life. I mean she is super famous, has written all these books and made a huge impact in the world, but maybe she means mediocre in a different way. Like maybe just letting go of the need to be striving towards something nonstop. I was talking with someone today and thinking about how we put so much moral negative/positive things onto every experience, like we really glorify the idea of healing the world as if having everything be in perfect peace is the ultimate goal and so then we say that sadness and fear and pain are "bad" and to be avoided and how this can especially come up in parenting when our own nervous systems are so scared of painful emotions and we can't handle our own emotions let alone anyone else's and yeah, just maybe we are not meant to be perfectly peaceful, maybe discordant notes are a powerful part of the song and we can just wander in and out of this labyrinth with no place to get to, no wrong turns, no getting lost, and no having to like try to pay attention or go in a certain direction, we can run or crawl, there is no finish line, it's not a race we are just moving when we feel like it, stopping for a spell, getting to the middle, coming back out again and over and over and wow, how much less stressful! Sending lots of love, xoxo

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