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My journey from the psych hospital to a life worth living was filled with depression, anxiety and despair until things started to shift. Most human interactions are filled with complaints, criticism and comparison. But what if we could let go of victimhood and learn the lessons that we are offered in the midst of all the shit. What if all the shit has a purpose for each of us. What if we are given shit because we need it. We need it so that we can lovingly commit to composting it into the fertilizer that we need to grow as beings. Through decades of pain, I came to believe that each person is given the exact right amount of shit to form the fertilizer they will need to grow and serve on this planet. We are responsible for our own shit, if we give our shit to someone else, we won’t have enough, and if we take other people’s shit, we will have too much. Join me as I sort through the shit, and emerge with gratitude, joy and curiosity. 10% of all proceeds donated to Trans Justice Funding Project.

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Holy Shit Journal : Growing From Life's Challenges

Join us as we explore how questioning our beliefs, asking for help and cultivating gratitude can guide us out of victimhood and into unconditional joy.

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