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Ditch one word to improve your life now!

4 modules self paced with journal prompts, meditations, and nervous system exercises. $22

Exploring nervous system regulation, universal laws, self resourcing and collective contribution.


Free Minicourse

Essential Self Reset

Nervous System
Work Course

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a passive listening program used to increase nervous system flexibility and social engagement and reduce auditory sensitivity. 

I do not complete the SSP with people with ringing in the ears and offer coaching instead.

SSP FAQ here and on the Unyte website.


Individual SSP

Sessions include listening to the SSP and nervous system regulation exercises. Can be done in conjunction with courses or as a stand alone.  The SSP is not for everyone, schedule a call to see if it is a good fit for you by clicking below.  I do not complete the SSP with people who have ringing in the ears. For more info about the SSP click here.


Group Nervous System Work Drop Ins

Join the Nervous System Work course and gain access to biweekly Nervous System Work drop in sessions where we will explore exercises to support the nervous system and have Q & A and sharing of wins in community!


Nervous System Education and Coaching Package

Join me for 4 sessions to get to know your nervous system and explore how to reduce suffering and increase connection with your essential self. Informed by Polyvagal Theory, the Work of Byron Katie, the teachings of Martha Beck and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

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