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Hello fellow experiencers! 

My primary identity is change,

I am here to be change by experiencing change.

In this lifetime my legal name is Gazit Chaya Nkosi (they/m), but you can call me Z.  I can be described as an AFAB trans/nonbinary, queer, white, Jewish, seeker, neurodiverse parent ET experiencing sparkly rainbow bewilderment fairy.  You may notice my grey glasses, they are special for a vision impairment I have related to a few TBI's I survived in childhood.  Needless to say, the road has been interesting and ever since I can remember, I have been searching for ways to make life more livable!  A big part of that journey has been learning to accept that everybody is absolutely innocent, including me!


In this experience as a coach (aka Bewilderment Fairy) and SSP provider, I've learned so much from children and adults who have come through or are in the midst of significant challenges and yet emerge into lives that feel very worth living.  I learned that I could ask for what I needed, give myself what feels right, question the voice of the culture and use accommodations and strategies even when they make me look different or make me able to do less than culture thinks I should be able to do. 

After decades of pushing through life with heightened sensitivity to sound, light, movement and touch, I was finally diagnosed with persistent post-concussive syndrome and PTSD.  I've benefitted so much through many modalities including vision therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, occupational and physical therapy, SSP and general spiritual and psychological seeking.  I've joked that my mental health has been a part time job, but it really has been at least 10,000 hours over the last decade of me immersing myself in every healing technology that has resulted in who I am today.  If I can boil it down into two concepts, it would be:

Radical Acceptance and Absolute Innocence.


I am always searching for ways to feel better and when my doctor offered a class on the Polyvagal Theory, I was intrigued!  I took the class, went through the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) myself and then completed the certification! It has shifted the way I move through the world in dramatic ways, and I am excited to watch how my nervous system will continue to shift and soften and enhance its ability to regulate. 


I've followed Byron Katie and The Work for a few years, and while it may not be right for everyone, it certainly has brought me relief that I didn't expect.  I'm honored to share it with others who are interested. 


Most recently I've been a part of the Wayfinder Life Coach training and have studied even more ways to support and enhance the essential self that so often gets lost in the cultural pressures to 'perform success' in a way that might not be right for us.

I also really love art and have a slow stitching YouTube channel and wrote a book called Holy Shit.  I love how all the random bits of my life come together into a beautiful sparkly rainbow hodge podge! 

I'm so thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to joining you along the way!


With love, Z

P.S. I love being on podcasts, check them out here!



To remember and remind the world of our absolute innocence. 


To contribute to the release of individual and collective suffering through a remembering of

Absolute Innocence

and Unconditional Love.

Night Skies
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